Pagio vs WordPress: Looking for the best WordPress alternative? 

Do you find WordPress confusing or are you always paying developers to do your website updates? Switch to Pagio, the simple website builder. We even transfer your website from WordPress to Pagio for you, for free.
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6 reasons why you should switch from WordPress to Pagio

Easy-to-use website builder

Everything you need to build and manage a website is in one place. You don’t need any coding skills or a professional web designer, and you can edit it whenever you want.

A UK-based support team

Pagio has a UK-based support team behind you every step of the way. You can call, email or video call in real-time, instead of being lost in a help centre. Deal direct with the platform and no 3rd parties.

No plugins or added costs

All our current and future features are included in your plan and always will be. Pagio gives you everything you need in one place. No more wasting time trying to find plugins or fixing conflicting ones.

No updates or maintenance

Unlike WordPress, with Pagio you don’t have to worry about installing and updating themes, security patches or struggling with ongoing maintenance. You get everything you need.

Hosting and an SSL included

Pagio is a fully hosted platform so no need to struggle to find reliable 3rd parties to host your website and worry about the techy stuff, we do it all for you whilst you sit back end enjoy your fast and secure website.

We'll transfer you for free

Looking for a WordPress alternative but don’t have the time or funds to move your website? Let us do it for you, for free.
Ready to transfer your website to the best WordPress alternative?

How to switch from WordPress to Pagio 

Transferring your website from WordPress to Pagio is easy because we do it for you, for free. 

We can transfer the website as it is or we can create a new website based on websites you like or one of our templates

The process is simple:
Step 1
Create an account and select one of our mobile-friendly templates.
Step 2
Set up your subscription plan; either monthly or yearly.
Step 3
Send us a link to your current website and we will then transfer the content in less than 2 weeks.
Step 4
Review your new website and once you’re happy, we can help you publish it.
Get in touch to find out more and we can discuss your options: 

How much is it?

Your website will be transferred for free, simply set up your subscription plan for us to get started, all we need is a link to your current site and we will do the rest for you. 

Our subscription plan is simple: either £19 per month or £190 per year (saving £38). No contract and you can cancel at any time. 

Bham Pharma made the switch from WordPress to Pagio

I made the switch from WordPress to Pagio because my WordPress website was difficult to edit and I had to constantly update plugins which sometimes broke the website. 

I have not looked back, out website is not only easy to manage but it looks more professional. I would highly recommend Pagio to any business. 

Bilal Bham - Director

“The first thing that stood out to me was just how easy Pagio’s website builder was to use”

Graham transferred to Pagio Website Builder after struggling to manage his WordPress website. Check out the video to see what he thinks of Pagio and our customer support.

Ready to transfer your website from WordPress for free?

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