How To Submit Your New Website To Google

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The easiest way to submit your new website to Google is using Google Search Console. If you have a completely new website you need to start by verifying that you own the website.

Steps to verify a website using Google Search Console:

1. Add a new property or choose an unverified property from the property selector bar

2. Choose one of the verification methods relevant to you and follow the instructions

3. The Search Console will start gathering data from the moment it is verified

After you verify your website, you can use the Sitemaps report to see which sitemaps were processed for your site. This report will also tell you if you need to submit a new sitemap for your site or if there are any processing errors.

The video below explains what a sitemap is, whether you need one or not, and how to submit a sitemap and track its status using Google Search Console.

If you have already done this but add new pages to your website, you need to submit an updated sitemap.

To do this, log in to Google Search Console and select “Add a Property.”
Then, to submit your updated sitemap for Google, add your website URL so Google can begin crawling your website.

It isn’t necessary to submit a new sitemap every time you create a new page. Google automatically re-crawls web pages. But, if you’re uploading important content that you’d like Google to pick up quickly, submitting a new sitemap could help speed up the process.

If you’re unsure how Google Search works or why it’s important, click here.

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