5 Ways to Promote your Blog Content in 2021


Improve Your Blog and Content Marketing

Once you’ve got a blog up and running or are looking to distribute your content then there are a few quick and easy ways to turbo charge your efforts.

The more you promote your content, the more you and/or your brand will become recognised, trusted and respected.

Here are some quick and actionable tips to kick things off!

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Hopefully when you wrote the content for your website and your promotional articles and blog posts’ you’ll always have had SEO in mind.

Write articles that concentrate on one or two keywords or keyword phrases per post for maximum effect. Target your keywords with a free keyword suggestion tool but always remember to write for your audience not for search engines.
Write around cluster topics to really power your SEO strategy and the search engines will be eager to find and promote your content in the SERPs.

2. Email Marketing

Inbox marketing seems to split the opinion of both marketers and consumers.

After a long struggle with SPAM, scams and phishing it does appear to be regaining the trust of consumers as a trusted communication method. The introduction of GDPR should help the industry too.

This method of marketing is proven to deliver one of the highest returns on investment due to its low cost versus high potential gain ratio.

A customers inbox is a competitive place to be though.

In needs to be used in the right way to gain, retain and nurture potential customers and brand advocates.
Image: Oberlo

Always, always try where you can to add a personal touch. When your list is small and manageable ensure, at the very least, you address people by name.

As your list grows you can automate these processes and start to be more wary of the type of content you send to each recipient.

An active and engaged list is a powerful marketing and promotional tool though, perfect for sharing your content too!

This graphic from the Content Marketing Institute reinforces how powerful and financially rewarding an email list can be. The most return on investment comes at the top of the list!
*An everyday promotional email tactic is to include a marketing call to action in your email signature. This could be a link to receive a newsletter or a banner advert for an upcoming sale or event.

3. Social Media

Your social media accounts are a powerful, free way to share your message. It doesn’t just have to be your own personal business page that you use to promote on though.

You can join niche groups and also contribute to discussions on pages that relate to your content interests and expertise. It helps to build your presence and expertise through networked content marketing.

Don’t be afraid to ask your friends and family to share your content. If it’s good, it will resonate with them and they’ll share it. It can quickly lead to rapid distribution of your content.
It is particularly important at the moment to share and interact with family and friends as the Facebook algorithm is thought to be favouring the delivery of content to more immediate social circles.

So, what’s the best way to help ensure that your content will be seen organically?

Feed your feed! And feed it with fine food, not junk food!

SWOM is the way forward! Social Word of Mouth – you heard it here first!

4. Partnership Marketing

This is different to influencer marketing and built upon the relationships you nurture online. Partnership marketing involves looking for opportunities to collaborate.

It incorporates methods such as content syndication and repurposing.
You can start small and build your input and influence. Look to share content, knowledge and expertise on existing and established networks within related groups, blogs, forums and other online promotion vehicles.

Again, this is a free way to promote your content whilst increasing your knowledge and getting involved and engaged with like-minded networks and individuals.

5. Webinars

 A webinar can be an extremely powerful way to attract people to your content, introduce your company or portray a brand message.

They may take a bit more time to plan and prepare for but, using webinar platforms allows you to utilise multimedia and interactive presentation methods to really impress your audience.
Image: GoToWebinar

In fact, the previous 4 tips can all be used to drive potential customers towards this method of promotion. It’s the perfect start to a progressive sales funnel if you are an informational or physical product seller.

The power of a webinar comes from the fact that you can deliver value and knowledge as well as showcasing a product or service live. You’ll also get a load of high value, live feedback from your webinar attendees.

And…….make sure you record the webinar so you can use it again and again as a sales and marketing tool!

The next thing you need to do is take action. Most people who read this won’t. If YOU do, you’ll be another step ahead of your competition when trying to promote your blog with content marketing.

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