A 12 Point Guide to Making More Sales

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Are you more marketing-minded than sales-minded?

Maybe you’ve mastered the whole sales thing and you’re not afraid to pick up the phone, but you’re unsure on exactly HOW you should be doing it.

Maybe your online presence is sorted, but now you need to take your website visitors and convert them into paying clients.

So, where do you begin with all this?

Well, that’s where sales and closing expert, trainer and mentor Matthew Elwell comes in!

Let us introduce you…

After spending twenty years building his family business, Matt formulated his own technique when it came to getting deals done, which he calls the ‘Open With A Close’ philosophy.

The ‘Open With A Close’ philosophy takes a totally different approach when it comes to sales and closing, using a system that’s congruent, adaptable, proven to work, and it FEELS good!

This skeleton sales and closing system gives you the foundations, shows you the way, and allows you to make it your own.

 But more specifically, it focuses on one thing that is guaranteed to increase your conversions and turbo-charge your sales process…


You understand your product or service but not how to sell it
Many business owners understand their product/service, but they have no idea how to actually sell it… And believe it or not, it’s not all about telling people what you offer.

In fact, that’s exactly what you shouldn’t be doing!

Matt teaches how to follow the right structure and use the right language both online and offline so that you can streamline what it is that you do and generate more sales!

Learning the language of sales from Matt will show you a new way to communicate with qualified leads from a place of service so that you can stop hiding behind emails, and start making some calls!

Matt covers this and so much more in his best-selling book Open With A Close (A 12 point guide to closing more sales).

Inside the book, Matt covers:
The three-phase process for all sales interactions
What words to use in your marketing and when speaking to people
How to take a PUNT… with a Q!
The Open With A Close script
Marketing rapport words
Overcoming objections
How to monetise an existing audience
And loads more!
The content of this book is just the start of your journey to finding a better, more fulfilling way of making more sales!

Just click here to secure your free copy (you’ll just need to cover the £2.80 for P&P).

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