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Influxeo offers automated LinkedIn software and support on transforming your LinkedIn profile into a high-converting landing page that promotes your products and services.

Craig at Influxeo contacted us to help transfer his website from WordPress. Their site was being managed by a web developer so they had to pay every time they needed to add a new page to their website and couldn’t update it themselves.

This caused their website content to quickly become out of date, setting back their business and making it difficult to implement search engine optimisation plans.
Thanks to Pagio Website Builder, they now have a website that they can not only manage themselves, and update whenever they want but also add new pages without the hefty price tag.

It only took 3 days from Influxeo contacting us to their new website being published.

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See what Craig, owner of Influxeo had to say:

“I recently moved my website over to the Pagio Website Builder and have been blown away by the simplicity of the platform. My original website was on WordPress and was managed by a web developer.

The original web developer provided me with a great service too but to add a new page to my website would cost me £200.

Pagio Website Builder is so easy and intuitive, I can easily add new pages to my website for FREE.

Not to mention the personal support I've received has been second to none. Highly recommend this to any business owner.”

At Pagio Website Builder, we make it easy to create a website. We have a range of fully customisable website templates, and our drag-and-drop website builder is easy to use with no website design experience or coding knowledge required. If you still don’t feel confident or you just lack the time to build a website, we also offer tailored website design packages to suit every budget. Find out more here.

Looking for a WordPress alternative that allows you to manage and update your website without the expense? 

Talk to our team about transferring to Pagio Website Builder today.

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