Why Should You Use a Website Builder?

Website builders come in two distinct formats, but both offer flexibility and control that is sought by small businesses looking to market themselves online. The first is the fully hosted ‘all in one’ service, which allows users to build their own website and the hosting etc is managed for them. And the second is a content management system that is used to create websites but the hosting and technical side needs to be managed by a 3rd party such as the customer of website design company. We’ll be focusing on the first kind of website builder, and why this ‘all in one’ style can be the best thing for your business.

No Experience Necessary

It’s a lot easier to customise a website template than create one from scratch, and website builders give you a template to adapt to suit your business and expertise. You don’t need any experience in coding or programming, you don’t need to pay for an expensive web designer, and if your business grows into the need for newer features or updates, it’s all under your control.

No Hidden Costs

Web designers and developers often have an ongoing monthly fee to maintain your website, so should you wish to update it, change, or add content, or restructure it entirely, this will cost you to do so. For small businesses, this just isn’t a viable option. They often get tied to the website they’ve had for a while even though, at best it’s not as efficient as it could be, and at worst it’s out of date.

Instantly update yourself

Having full control and access to your website’s “back office” means you can adapt your website as the need arises. A website builder means that these changes do not need to be lengthy processes, that eat up weeks or months of your time. Instead, websites can be made in hours and updates within minutes. Being able to easily update your website also means that there are no charges needed for web developers who charge each time something needs updating.

Reduced Security risk

A website builder often includes operational protection against technical and malware issues, so you don’t need to be a top-level hacker to keep cyber-crime at bay. Pagio’s All in One really means that, covering hosting, updates and additional structures required for your business – whereas platforms like WordPress have plugins from third parties, which are a security risk. Business have broken down due to lack of operational control before, either because of financial loss or a complete shut down of their website. Protecting your website with a builder you control protects your business’s reputation and helps you retain clients.

How Can Pagio Help?

At Pagio, we offer three website builder options; a full DIY – which is a website you can make from scratch, Free Set Up – where we can assist in the set-up of your website, and Free Transfer – where we transfer your website so that you can adapt it moving forward. To find out more about these options, contact us here.

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