How to check if a website has been indexed in Google?

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Did you know that Google finds your website through a process known as ‘Crawling’? Google will download text, images and videos from pages it has found with crawler programs, analyses, sorts and stores that information in a large database – and this is the Google Index. Imagine a big library of everything posted online, organised, and filtered so articles are easy to find.

However, if you’d like to know whether your website has been indexed, you can search for your website by either copying the URL into the search bar with either site: or info: in front of it.

For example: site:

This allows your search engine to filter out any irrelevant results, leaving you with only your website as a result. If your site appears in the search results, it has been indexed. If you cannot find your site in the results, it has not been indexed. Equally, it’ll be clear whether individual pages come up as results. If you’re looking to promote an individual service, having it as a separate page is essential, as this will make it easier for the index to find it.

Check out this video on whether your website is showing in Google searches here:

My website has been indexed – what’s next?

If your website has been indexed, but isn’t getting the traffic you’d expect, have a look at the search results that have come back. Has Google accurately analysed and indexed your website? Would someone unfamiliar with your business understand what you offer? If not, there’s scope to improve your search results by editing your page titles and descriptions.

My website has not been indexed – what do I do?

You can use a free tool called Google Search Console to submit your website directly to Google for indexing. It will tell you how many users visit your website, which search terms they use, and how your website looks when searched. This program will also give you recommendations and ways to verify yourself, and manage other search optimization methods through their help centre.
And if you haven’t read our post about the 4 Steps to Get Your New Website Listed on Google, make sure to check it out for support and advice in setting it up correctly.

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