Moving From WordPress to Pagio: Elements Day Spa

When Elements Day Spa reached out to us, they had a WordPress website that they struggled to edit and manage. They constantly had to update the plug-ins, which wasted time when they needed to quickly update the site. They had issues with the server performing slowly and found the WordPress site difficult and confusing to manage and edit.

These problems were not only a huge source of frustration but were having a negative impact on their business, since it was difficult to update with new offers, loading slowly for their customers, and confusing to implement SEO strategies.

We were able to help them transfer their website to Pagio for free, with it only taking 2 weeks for their new sites to go live. Now each spa location has its own website with Pagio so everything they need is in one place and they can easily move between each site whenever they need to update it.

This not only took the headache away from managing their website, but it improved their customer experience which led to an increase in revenue!

Ruth Elements Day Spa Owner

Don’t just take our word for it, see what Ruth, owner of Elements Day Spa has to say:

“I found the switch over from WordPress to Pagio extremely simple as the system is very straightforward to use, as you can see your page as it is on the website, unlike WordPress where you have to go back and forth between the live page. With managing 3 websites it’s so simple to swap between them and make any edits needed.

The templates were amazing as I could use stock images, that suited my industry, until I had time to upload my own, That was a huge help, as I could get a new site live with very little effort. Pagio had already created the perfect template for me I just had to update the treatments, pricing and relevant content and was ready to go!”


At Pagio, we make it easy to create a website. We have a range of customisable website templates, and our drag-and-drop website builder is easy to use with no website design experience or coding knowledge required. If you still don’t feel confident or you just lack the time to build a website, we also offer tailored website design packages.

Do you have a website with WordPress or another platform that hinders your business instead of helping?

Talk to our team about switching to Pagio Website Builder today.

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